Dr. David Carey Specializes in Family Dentistry in Lompoc

As a dentist in the Lompoc area for more than 30 years, David Carey, DDS, has cared for generations of children and their families. This personal environment is one of the reasons Dr. Carey most enjoys being a family dentist. 

Dr. Carey knows excellent dental health begins with good dental habits, reinforced from an early age. He and his staff enjoy establishing relationships with families and their children to provide a good foundation for healthy teeth. In this way, Dr. Carey acts as more than a dentist who cleans and examines teeth. Instead, he often acts in an advisory role to help parents troubleshoot a dental issue or advise them on the best way to teach tooth brushing, flossing, and important at-home oral health routines.

Dental Care for all Members of your Family

In addition to his many years of dental experience, Dr. Carey is a former state representative for the California Dental Association has operated a Santa Barbara/Ventura County children's dental health screening event for more than 30 years. Providing family dentistry and preventive education to parents about how to maintain their child's dental health has been an important part of Dr. Carey's mission as a dentist since he opened his Lompoc practice. Dr. Carey offers dental care for Lompoc area residents from ages 5 and up.

How Does Dr. Carey Make Lompoc Dental Visits Positive for Kids?

Dr. Carey knows that fear and anxiety can often accompany a trip to the dentist. He aims to relieve these fears from an early age by offering an environment that is family-friendly and puts young patients at ease. Kids can visit Dr. Carey's toy token machine with prizes and stickers and get a toy with each visit to his Lompoc family dentist's office. Parents are welcomed to sit in the chairs near their child while a dental cleaning or other procedure is performed. The entire team at Dr. Carey’s office works to give patients of all ages the kind of welcoming atmosphere they want to get the dental treatments they need. 

What Services Does Dr. Carey Offer Families?

Dr. Carey's dental office staff is a caring, relationship-driven team of professionals who make families feel 

Dr. Carey often discusses the following with families who have concerns or questions regarding treatment from his Lompoc dental office: 

• child comfort during dental procedures
• diet for healthy teeth
• education on long-term dental health
• eruption of first teeth
• how medications may affect a child's teeth
• preventive dental care
• signs of decay and periodontal disease
• teaching kids how to properly brush and floss their teeth

Thousands of Lompoc, CA residents have entrusted Dr. Carey as their family dentist for years. He uses the opportunity to set a good foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

For more information about the Carey Dental Care in Lompoc, CA, and how we help kids and families maintain excellent oral health, contact our team to set up an appointment.


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